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a statement that something is wrong or not good enough, the act of complaining, or the thing you are complaining about:
law A complaint is also a formal statement to a government authority that you have a legal cause to complain about the way you have been treated:
a written or spoken statement in which someone says that somebody has done something wrong or that something is not satisfactory:
lodge/make/receive a complaint The council has said that it received complaints but that it cannot disclose details.

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deal with/handle complaints They have an efficient system in place for dealing with customer complaints.
complaint about sb/sth The gas company has promised to investigate the man”s complaint about a quarterly bill for £1,500.

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complaint against sb/sth Complaints against an employment agency should be made to the Employment Agencies Standards office.

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a formal statement that someone has harmed somebody else or done something illegal, which must be proved in a court of law:
file/lodge a complaint A complaint alleging financial wrongdoing was lodged with the district attorney”s office.
Memory complaints do reflect perceptions of past memory performance and are also an early manifestation of memory impairment.
These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge TruongGiaThien.Com.VN editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.
Archives hold numerous complaints from provincial governors about the insufficiency of security forces under their authority and requests for additional mounted recruits.
What the study does not have is information on respondents” attributions of their depressive complaints to traumatic events.
Memory complaints of elderly people in a population survey : variation according to dementia stage and depression.
Memory complaints and impairment in normal, depressed, and demented elderly persons identified in a community survey.
The central bureaucracy was poorly equipped to deal with the stream of complaints and requests for adjudication and clarification pouring in from the provinces.
Women with other than trivial complaints were excluded from further participation, as were those who took oestrogens or progestins and those who became pregnant.








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