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Thêm các ví dụ I”d rather you didn”t mention it when we”re in company .For the sake of completeness , I should also mention two other minor developments.Everyone in the office complains that he smells awful, but nobody dares (to) mention it to him.He gets really upset if you mention his baldness.Don”t mention tax or Bernard”ll get on his hobby horse again.

aforementioned allude to sb /sth allusion allusiveness bandy bandy sth around bring cross-refer direct speech foregoing further give /quote sth/sb chapter and verse idiom hark back to sth indirect speech quote reference rub sb”s nose in it idiom rub sth in touch word Xem thêm kết quả »

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don”t mention it!
not to mention
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Finally, we shall approximate this system of recurrence equations by a system of ordinary differential equations whose solution provides us with the bounds mentioned above.
Từ Cambridge English Corpus
It is too bad that this purely internal data structure must be “mentioned” in the interface.
Từ Cambridge English Corpus
Các quan điểm của các ví dụ không thể hiện quan điểm của các biên tập viên Cambridge Dictionary hoặc của Cambridge University Press hay của các nhà cấp phép.
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These were mentioned by 24 (75%) of the men who reported positive returns, but by only eight (38%) of those who did not.
Từ Cambridge English Corpus  
Profit maximization ranked very low in the early and mid group, while it was mentioned more frequently among the late entrants.
Từ Cambridge English Corpus  
There were 1,666 records recovered through the search strategy mentioned above.
Từ Cambridge English Corpus  
Underlying all these priorities is the problem of synthesis, since not all the priorities mentioned above point in the same direction.

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Từ Cambridge English Corpus  
Interestingly, the simpler implementation based on fork-node trees is not mentioned.
Từ Cambridge English Corpus  
Unlike pharmaceuticals, and apart from the giants mentioned above, the industry is highly fragmented, consisting of numerous small niche markets with a few products only.
Từ Cambridge English Corpus  
As mentioned above, interrater reliability was checked during 20 home visits with two observers.
Từ Cambridge English Corpus  
And indeed he plays only a peripheral role thereafter, and is not even mentioned in the concluding chapter.
Từ Cambridge English Corpus  
From all the studies mentioned, a reasonable interpretation would be that oral contraceptives present no major teratogenic hazard.
Từ Cambridge English Corpus  
The covariates include the control variables mentioned above (parity, season, education, and religion) plus the length of the previous birth interval.
Từ Cambridge English Corpus  
The largest of these corresponds precisely to the growth rate mentioned in the first paragraph of this section.
Từ Cambridge English Corpus  
Similarly, recent advances in the understanding of metamorphic differentiation in terms of self-organization are mentioned only briefly.
Từ Cambridge English Corpus  
Despite high levels of satisfaction, three-fifths of the users who had experience of domiciliary care packages mentioned difficulties.
Từ Cambridge English Corpus  

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