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relating to a calculation of something such as pay or benefits according to a smaller number of hours worked, a smaller amount of something used, etc. in relation to the hours worked in a full time job, a larger amount of something used, etc.:
Further, assertions regarding preferences around a la carte programming tend to presume that pricing for television channels would be pro rata their current costs.
Any gains realized in these sales must be distributed pro rata to all investors, not just the ones redeeming their shares.
The note holders were willing to accommodate the preferred stockholders with a small piece of the proceeds, but would not share the proceeds on a pro rata basis.
For the sake of simplicity, we assume 100% compliance with screening in these estimates—lower compliance rates would lower costs pro rata.
If insufficient funds are provided, we will need to cut benefits on a pro rata basis for all food stamp recipients.
Would pro rata division of the surplus value of the social contract, in proportion to the value of individual rights in a state of nature, lead to proportionate taxation?
Democracy, on the contrary, expects voluntary toil, popular sacrifices and then proposes to distribute the resultant good either pro rata or indiscriminately.

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My proposition is simply that you issue the common and divide it pro rata among you, your present stock then becoming preferred.
The accessories of the taille, the poll-tax and the tax for roads, are fixed for each assessable party, pro rata to his taille.
The camp has a professional cook, who was obtained from a college fraternity, and the boys pay pro rata.






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Pro-Rata Là Gì ? Pro Rata Definition

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